Is there any possibility to blow the hair without dryer?

Before the dryer comes all were using the natural method to dry up their hair. It was so easy but takes more time. After the hair dryer had been introduced in the market all started to make use of it to save their time. But this results in the hair fall and then for reducing it they made use of other aids this made them to feel hectic. To escape from that typical situation you can follow some of the hair drying tips that does not produce any heat.

no heat hair dryerEasy tips that you can follow to dry your hair without heat

At present there is a trend followed by the women that is after they are doing the hair wash they make use of the blow dryers to wet. Through using the blow dryers there is a lot of chance is there for you to lose your hair because blow drying your hair is bad.

  • When you dry hair without blow dryer sure you can able to grow your hair naturally. Through doing as like you can able to see your hair grows long and thick.
  • When you want to dry hair fast without heat then you can make use of the towel to wipe it. Make use of the towel that would be spongy and comfortable for you to use.
  • While you are washing your hair make use of some hair conditioner that would help for drying your hair within a short span of time.
  • You can make use of the brush which had been designed up with the unique microfiber bristles that would absorb the water that had been present in every layer of your hair.

Manual hair drying method that you can do

blow the hair without dryerEven you can make use of some other methods for drying your hair as follows

  • You can wrap up your hair after you are doing hair wash.
  • For drying you can try up the plopping your hair method.
  • Make use of the microfiber brush that would help to dry your hair fast.
  • Then shake up your hair until it gets dried out and sit in sun for some time.

When you want to stay in safer side then you can use no heat hair dryer method. This would able to make your hair to grow thick and strong.