Interesting facts that you want to know about your hair

Actually, the average person would have approximately 100000 hairs on their head and each hair would be cylindrical shaped and its diameter would be round 0.03 cm with its length of 10 cm. Everyone are crazy about their hair because whenever they go out the first thing that they would check out before the mirror is that whether their hair style is good or not. Daily they would like to try up with the different styles. But you don’t know really how heavy is hair and do you know that whether your hair can able to contribute the extra weight on the scale. But it would be dependent based on the type of the hair that you have.

In case when your hair is long and thick then your weight of hair could be ounce or two, it differs when you come out from the shower your hair would be wet and this would give some additional ounce.

Interesting facts about hair

The hair is pretty and to know about the weights of human hair would be really interesting. Here are some of the interesting tips that you want to know about your hair.

  • The particular strand of the hair is competent of sustaining nearly 100 grams of the weight that can able to simply means all hair strands would be taken together that can able to support for the 2 tons of weights.
  • The hair is considered as the fastest growing tissue that is present in the human body.
  • The body would contains an insulating fat layers.
  • The hair is contained with the lifeless cells but the hair is always lively.
  • The hair follicles are entirely independent to the each other.
  • The hair would have the lifespan of around 5 years and the 90% of the hair would be state on the constant growth.

hair growth cycleHow much does a hair weigh?

It is just an unpredictable question because it would be dependent based on the gender. The growth had been determined by the habit that you are following. The growth of the hair would be affected by the pollutions and the water that you are making use of it.

When you know about your hair it would be interesting because you can able to know about it. In case when you have problem in your hair growth then you can follow some precautions and stay healthy and lead a happy life.