hair style

Be unique and do the hair style as per your wish

It does not mean that you have to do and follow as such other do. It is because you would have your own uniqueness so do as per your wish. Many would have the habit of tucking up their hair behind the ears and it would suit for their face cut.

Here is the different hair tucked behind ear style that you can follow to look gorgeous

  • Part your hair in the idle and comb smooth it down and front.
  • Then take an inch section of your hair next to your part and pull the section back and leave the sides down.
  • Pin up your hair back for that you can make use of the strong and bobby pin and place them horizontally at one slight angle and open the end that is pointing to hold your hair back.
  • After that cover the pin with your hair and bring your hair over the pin from the back for covering up.

As like this you can repeat the same method for the other side and sure this would make you to look more stylists.

Pushing hair out of face is the easiest method that you can follow when you want to try out this it would be simple for you. You can try them simple with the waterfall braid and a pin at the crown. If not you can switch to the twist and pin the farther back. Even you can able to braid up your crow in straight back.

Easy steps that you can follow to push you hair out of face

  • First there is a need for you to divide the section of your hair from the roots then with your hair pull up your hair back.
  • Clip out the edges and the section of your hair back and now you can able to look perfect before others and you would look more comfortable with.

When you are not comfortable with then you can try up with some other ways through using the hair accessory comb. After combing you can make use of the hair net or you can make use of some of the hair spray.

If you wish to stay comfortable then there is a need for you to have to comb in different manner. For adding some extra attraction you can make use of the style bangs out of face.